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Water Treading Course

Treading water or water treading is what a swimmer can do while in a vertical position to keep their head above the surface of the water, merely staying in one place

Water treading technique is used by lifeguards and other aquatic rescue professionals because of its efficiency and simplicity. It does not occupy the hands as these professionals often have to perform first aid as they are swimming to safety.

Water polo  players & synchronized swimmers use water treading techniques for stability and height above the water while leaving the hands free to perform movement or action.

Water treading technique is practiced by soldiers as one of their water survival routine

For swimmers, treading water is ideal in situations where you need to look at your surroundings


Course Module

You will learn

  • Floating in vertical position
  • Sculling/ Hand Movement
  • Eggbeater / Rotary Kick 
  • Using Flutter & Breaststroke Kick

Fee is RM90 per person

* Limit to 20 participants only

Who Should Join?

Anyone who is
1. Able to swim Freestyle or Breaststroke or both
2. Have good water confidence

Course Details

Date/Slot : 

Saturday - Nov 10, 24

Sunday - Nov 18, 25

Time : 

8 am - 9 am

Venue : 

Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City, Putrajaya

Palm Garden Hotel


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