Putrajaya Effective Swimming Academy

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Pool Fee

Pool fee is only applicable to students (ALL categories) & other pool users (family members of students)

There are 2 types of Pool Fee :

a. Walk in @ RM5 per person per entry

b. Monthly Unlimited Pass @ RM65

RM65 Monthly Unlimited Pass :

1.Valid from 1st day of the month until the last day of the same month (e.g 1 /3 - 31/3)

2.Valid for maximum 4 persons (of a family) per visit (free for children aged below 4)

3.Unlimited usage during these sessions :

Friday @ 3 pm - 4 pm / Saturday @ 9 am - 12 pm

Saturday @ 6 pm - 7 pm  / Sunday @ 1030 am - 1230 am

4.Limited to 50 cards per month

5.Monthly Pool Fee card can be purchased a week before the expiry date

6.Purchase card @ https://bit.ly/2T4YBfX

**Note : No pool fee for accompanying parents (in the water) for Aqua Baby Class & Children Swimming Class

**subject to change

RM65 Monthly Unlimited Pass

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