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What is OWS ( Open Water Swimming)?

Open Water Swimming takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as open oceans, lakes, and rivers

Unlike swimming in a pool, Open Water Swimming exposes yourself to varieties of challenges and conditions.

The sport of open water swimming has grown in leaps and bounds over the course of the last few years,

In Malaysia, this activity has grown in popularity in recent years. Many have participated in such event such as Swimathon, Oceanman, Triathlon & others

The Benefit of OWS

OWS stimulates and boost the immune system

Natural waters are full of life, biological energy from plants and different creatures, minerals, enzymes, and many other beneficial substances. Swimming in natural waters has been prized as a therapy for many health problems for centuries. Swimming in natural waters is also listed in Top 10 Immunity Boosters.

OWS triggers the release of endorphins

Endorphins are self-made chemicals that give us the happy, satisfied feelings of well-being

swimming  release endorphins which serves, as well, to sop up excess fight-or-flight stress hormones, converting free-floating angst into muscle relaxation

It can even promote so-called “hippocampal neurogenesis” – the growth of new brain cells in a part of the brain that atrophies under chronic stress

OWS jump starts blood circulation

When we put our whole bodies in cold water, the blood moves quickly away from our extremities, going to our major organs, and then back again to skin and extremities as we warm up

OWS builds mental toughness
OWS takes a different kind of mental attitude which requires a tranquil and perfectly focused mind.

When we swim in the sea, we are aware of the depth below. It affects our minds with a crushing kind of ancient and primal fear. You must control this fear as you swim, diminish it with your confidence and pride in your own physical ability.

OWS is a great way to play

Play is the gateway to vitality. Play also generates optimism, seeks out novelty, makes perseverance fun, leads to mastery, gives the immune system a bounce, fosters empathy and promotes a sense of belonging and community.

The prevalence of depression, stress related diseases, interpersonal violence, addictions, and other health and well being problems can be linked, like a deficiency disease, to the prolonged deprivation of play.

OWS are essential to a healthy, outdoor life

OWS is a great way to connect with nature and become immersed into the beautiful countryside. Swimming in pristine lakes while on a lake and mountain holiday is the perfect way to combine refreshing exercise and appreciation of the natural environment.

OWS can be an extremely fun and sociable activity, and many people find getting out into the fresh air are rejuvenating and energising experience both physically and mentally.

Open Water Swimming (OWS) Course 

OWS Course is an essential guide to maneuvering the open-water environment and describes how to prepare logistically, physically, and mentally for open-water swims.

The course includes

  • Stroke techniques
  • Safety & important drills
  • Adjust your swimming according to a certain condition i.e. choppy sea, strong current,etc.
  • Psychology of open water -valuable tips on how to overcome fears and anxieties.

OWS Course can help you master the transition of converting yourself from an efficient pool swimmer into an effective open-water swimmer.

This course has OWS theory and practice, in a classroom, in a pool  and at the beach

Bonus! 4 sessions of Water Treading Lesson

Course Details

Date : 6 April - 4 May 2019

OWS Course is divided into 4 sessions :

1. Pool ( Practical) x 4 :

Sat @ 9 - 11 am or Sun @ 1030 am

Dates : 30/3, 7/4,

2. Classroom ( Theory )  :

3. Endurance Training (Self Practice) x 6 - 8 session :

Wed @ 6 - 7 pm / Fri @ 3 - 4 pm/ Fri @ 8 - 9 pm/ Sat @ 9 am - 12 pm

Sat @ 6 - 7 pm/ Sun @ 1030 am - 1230 pm 

4. Open Sea ( put all theory & training into practice ) :

730 am - 12 pm 

@ Pantai Blue Lagoon, Port Dickson (behind Akar Boutique Hotel) OR

**Subject to change

**Will notify later


1.Any adults aged 13 - 45 who is able to swim Freestyle & Breaststroke

Each Participants Will Receive:

  • Swimming Cap
  • Safety Buoy Airbags
  • A Bag of Goodies - drink & food
  • A Medal
  • A Certificate
  • A T-Shirt

*Fee is exclusive of meal, accommodation , travelling & other expenses

Pantai Purnama, Port Dickson

Behind Akar Boutique Hotel

akar hotel port dickson

Swimming Route & Distance for OWS Course

 100m - 1000m

You Will Receive All Below for FREE!

Individual Safety Buoy & Kayaks

Each participants will be equipped with Safety Buoy Airbag & will be followed closely with kayaks

OWS T-Shirt

Be proud when putting on this adorning T-Shirt!

Certificates & Medals

Bring home these items as memorabilia


Payment & Registration

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