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Our students say....

The instructors are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable, The classes are conducted in small groups but the instructors never fail to give their attention to individuals.

I recommend this class to anyone who is interested to learn swimming.

Heng Jing Yi

When i signed up for the course (1 to 1 private coaching), i was a bit doubtful if i could learn swimming with the promised duration. However, the result proves to me that YES, this is realizable! With friendly, patience guidance & coaching, effective unique way of learning swimming technique tailored to each's weaknesses and adaptability from my coach, i am now able to swim freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke after 6 classes. A very big thanks to you, Aniza! Being able to swim is wonderful to me since i have always been fascinated to watch people swimming in the pool while feeling bad about myself that i could not swim. At the initial learning stage, i even had the thought that probably i was not going to finish the classes with acquaintance of any swimming style. But now? i simply love swimming and feel so good to be able to swim! With the very reasonable fees i paid for the classes, i feel that it's definitely more than worthwhile

Ivy -Satisfied Student

Assalamualaikum.. anak saya telah mengikuti kelas swimming ini..ada dua orang.. seorang 6 tahun dan seorang 8 tahun... alhamdulillah pada kelas ke 10 mereka dah boleh buat buat freestyle sendiri.. harga cukup berbaloi dengan sesi yang diberikan , sebulan(4 sesi). 

Jadi anak2 saya telah diberi peluang untuk bermain lumba2 dengan kawan-kawan pada kelas minggu ke 11 dan 12.. nampaknya mereka rasa seronok, kerana selepas sesi mereka akan menceritakan aktiviti mereka pada sesi tersbut kepada saya dan masing2 ingin tunjukkan kehebatan mereka..

Rosnita Abdul Kahar

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Our Location

UNITEN Swimming Pool

Universiti Tenaga Nasional

Jalan Ikram-Uniten, 43000 Kajang, Selangor 

uniten swimming pool

Kompleks Kejiranan Presint 9

Presint 9 

62000 Putrajaya

kompleks kejiranan presint 9

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